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Project meeting in Slovenia

Checking and recapitulating our outcomes

On June 21, 2022, the next project meeting was held in Idrija, Slovenia with the participation of nine people from all partner organizations.

Idrija is located in a beautiful area at the junction of the Dinarides and the Alps mountain ranges in western Slovenia. Here is the UNESCO-protected Global Geopark. We enjoyed the beautiful nature and the energizing atmosphere of the mountains.

Picture: Angela Ivanova

Time was running out and we had to focus on what we had come for – our project work and the outcomes we needed to finalize. The main topics of discussion were all the activities carried out on the project, such as the electronic platform organized as a database on our website, our catalog with all the collected good practices and also the dissemination activities we need to carry out to promote our results.

Here we will briefly introduce you to our catalog, and below you will find links to the good practice database, our FB page and group.

The “Good Practices Catalogue: Skills and Competencies for Work in Industry 4.0” is one of our main outputs. Industry 4.0 requires the implementation of various core technologies, processes and organizational changes. The catalog was built as a framework to serve largely as a guideline for companies and their teams on their way to becoming part of Industry 4.0. You will learn about 60 good practices, presenting examples of how other organizations have implemented new policies, initiatives, methods, programs and projects to achieve the necessary transformation of skills in their work teams.

Our Catalogue will be published soon here:

In the meantime, you can find all prepared good practices in our Database here:

Join our Facebook page and Facebook group, which are also our forum where we promote different topics and events on the topic.

Facebook group:

Facebook page:

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