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Industry 4.0 Austria – the Platform for Intelligent Production

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The core task of the Industrie 4.0 platform is to facilitate the implementation of Industrie 4.0 and to promote cooperation between relevant actors. In this way, highly innovative and sustainable industrial production can be secured and increase the quality of employment.

The association “Industry 4.0 Austria – the platform for intelligent production” was founded in 2015. In a broad alliance, important social, political, economic and scientific actors are actively involved in shaping the future world of production and work. The aim is to contribute to increasing future prosperity for all people in Austria. by making the best possible use of the new technological developments and innovations of digitalization (Industry 4.0) for companies and employees. It is necessary to shape the change in a socially acceptable way for society.

The association sets up activities to:

  • Еnsure a dynamic development of the Austrian production sector;
  • Тo promote research, innovation and qualification;
  • Тo contribute to a quality working environment; and
  • Тo contribute to a high level of employment.

The most important drivers of Industry 4.0 are addressed in nine defined topic areas in expert groups. These are made up of high-ranking experts from their respective fields. The strength of the platform lies in the balanced mix of experts with scientific and extensive practical and operational experience.

In addition to the expert groups, the Platform’s work is complemented by national and international projects. These cover different topics:

  • Trustworthy AI in standardisation: Together with the Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws), Industry 4.0 Austria supports domestic companies in the development of trustworthy AI norms and standards;
  • Digital Pioneers – Your voluntary digital year: young women between 17 and 27 can take part in the programme regardless of their prior education and experience can take part in the programme and enter a technical profession;
  • GAIA-X is a European flagship project to build a high-performance and competitive, secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for Europe;
  • DIVE (Digitale Industrie Verständlich Erklärt – Digital Industry Explained in an Understandable Way) is a free and open event series of the Plattform Industrie 4.0 with the aim to make Austrian Industry 4.0 expertise accessible to a broader audience and especially SMEs.


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