WearHealth & E.ON

WearHealth’s AI and IoT-driven platform makes it easy to assess, compare, and predict job performance in an automatic and anonymous manner so that managers are empowered to improve productivity during repetitive manual tasks, to ensure safe work execution during hazardous tasks, and to increase worker engagement and well-being. E.ON is an international electric utility company with more than 33 million customers across 30 different countries.

E.ON strives to make safety and health as well as environment and climate protection an integral part of all its business activities. For Health this means that E.ON aspires to be an ”Employer of choice” and foster a work environment that protects workers’ physical and mental well-being. For Safety this means an ongoing commitment to a VISION ZERO to ensure the protection of everyone involved in their operations.

In order to improve the safety and health work conditions for its employees, E.ON engaged in a project with WearHealth.