Probility is a start-up that offers medium-sized and large companies an increase in work safety and efficiency in intralogistics processes. They achieve this through an optical AI sensor network that analyses the desired or entire work environment in real time and warns employees of impending collisions. The start-up currently offers their system as a package of 3 main parts. The scope varies depending on the area to be guarded. The system is based on decentralized installed optical AI sensors that enable real-time detection and location of people and objects while complying with data protection regulations. The determination of the position data makes it possible to warn the driver. In this way, the high number of accidents in internal traffic can be reduced. In addition, the evaluation of the data offers a wide range of possible applications, such as the analysis of danger areas where critical situations occur more frequently. This leads to an increased recognition of optimization potentials and, based on the data analyses, strategies for increasing efficiency in inland traffic are derived and implemented.