Roboception, QRS & Danfloss

Roboception offers innovative navigation, real-time perception and manipulation solutions for robotic systems. Customer-specific software products for a variety of hardware platforms are developed in compliance with the customer’s individual plug-and-produce requirements. Roboception’s innovative sensor solutions enable customers across all robotic domains to generate real-time, time and location-dependent 3D data products and to equip robotic systems with robust and seamless infrastructure-free navigation. Following the concept of “Sense. Reason. Act.”, 3D technologies such as object localization, recognition and scene analysis, robotic manipulation and application development complete the portfolio. The solutions include highly intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, parametrization and programming; hence a detailed robotic knowledge is not required for their setup and operation. Munich-based Roboception GmbH was founded in March 2015 as a spin-off of the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics of the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

In a recent project by QRS and Danfoss the challenges of object recognition was slowing down and threatening the implementation of a major automation project in Danfloss. In order to solve this challenge, QRS decided to implement the solution of Roboception – rc_visard 3D stereo sensor – in order to empower the robots to recognise more than 100 different components.

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