adicos is an OEM company founded in 2011 to develop, market and globalize the TWIN technology. TWIN stands for the Two Wire Integrated Network. It is the world’s first integrated digital asset monitoring system. The TWIN System is a powerful and fault-tolerant sensor-actuator-network optimized for Industrial IoT applications in harsh environments. It is especially designed for monitoring assets of up to 10km2. TWIN is able to collect data from thousands of sensors over kilometre distances, process them locally or in the cloud, and reversely drive actuators at the site of the sensors. At its core is the patented Computer-In-Cable-Technology™.

TWIN is a major building block for the Industrial IoT. Consequently, it may be used across a wide range of industry sectors, one of which is agriculture and horticulture. Population growth and urbanization drive a permanent increase in global food production. As a consequence, the size of production facilities such as greenhouses are significantly growing. The average surface of a vegetable greenhouse in The Netherlands is currently more than 5 soccer fields. Smart and Digital Farming enables the operation of such massive production plants. TWIN provides a unique solution to monitor the climates in greenhouses and livestock housing. Additionally, there are many more agricultural potential monitoring applications in Agriculture, such as temperature and gas monitoring in silos or temperature monitoring in warehouses and cold storage.

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