INDUSTRY 4.0 SKILLS & Orbis is a supply chain software company, which has developed and currently distributes software solutions for milk farms that monitors farm inputs and outputs quantities, fat and protein levels, quality of milk etc. Last year, announced the acquisition of Orbis, a Dublin, Ireland based leader in manufacturing execution systems (MES) for the food and beverage industry.

Orbis does end-to-end traceability within the plant and monitors key parameters, quality parameters, OEE, mass balance and looks for losses within the plans itself. As the milk or raw materials go through the different production stages, the software looks for losses and ensures that operators are looking at the right parameters – protein level, cycle times, cycle of the drier (used to produce milk powder), temperature etc.

In process and packaging, Orbis’ solutions measure the performance of manufacturing equipment and promotes zero loss operations, helping the company limit down-time and optimize the performance of their systems.

Source: and a personal interview