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Industry 4.0 is a natural evolution that uses current technologies to increase the competitiveness of businesses. That is a long-term and strategic corporate change that no external supplier can supply. It must be a change managed by the company’s top management. However, its scope also exceeds the possibilities of ordinary business. Therefore, to achieve the expected results, the optimal solution is to combine a solid internal team with an external team of experts. SOVA Digital offers such support.

SOVA Digital is a member of the SOVA Group – a group of professional companies to achieve a synergistic effect created by their cooperation. SOVA Group focuses on digitising industrial enterprises and consists of SOVA Digital, CITO Digital and SIDAT Digital.

The SOVA Digital approach in management consulting is simple:

  1. In the beginning, they create a team of workers who want change, are active, loyal and ready to receive new information and apply new procedures. This team should be the bearer of the initial transformations of Industry 4.0 in the company.
  2. The ultimate goal is a long-term strategy, which will create the conditions for successful business development. Their goal is not to demonstrate the technology but to establish a way to bridge the gap from the current to the future expected state. For example, how to add value that the customer will appreciate, detect waste permanently, increase flexibility with decreasing repetition, and so on.
  3. The intention is to gain experience and create an atmosphere of trust within the company. Thus they start with more straightforward projects that quickly bring positive results, expertise and knowledge.
  4. The implementation of the strategy should be intensive and should be extended to all company areas. It should build on the experience gained, and the procedures applied are constantly being improved.

What are the beneficial results?

SOVA Digital supports customers with “Blue line” – experts available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They proclaim to resolve customers issue immediately (if technically possible).
Rental of licenses: SOVA Digital offers licenses that minimize the acquisition costs of information systems for an agreed period.
It also offers training on delivered products, pilot projects, specialized professional training and certification courses.

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