Skills Enrichment

The readiness of human resources and structures and management in an organization is an important aspect of the transformation process towards Industry 4.0. It is the change of knowledge, skills and competences. Therefore, the organizational readiness and capabilities of the team must be reviewed.

In our catalog we describe the growing need for the appropriate skills and competencies that will empower workers and organizations to take advantage of Industry 4.0. The focus is on people and their skills such as transversal competencies, technical skills, creative skills, social skills and contextual skills.

In addition, best practices regarding the transformation to different vocational education systems are presented to demonstrate the opportunities for acquiring these skills. You will learn how other organizations have implemented new policies, initiatives, methods, programs and projects to achieve the necessary skills transformation in their work teams.

You can search for such good practices in our database by the following parameters: “Skill areas”, “Types of good practice” and “Target groups”.

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