Project Results

Industry 4.0 Skills Results

60+ Good Practices, Interactive Database and a Catalogue with all collected materials free for download

We, the team from the European project “Skills and Competences for Work in Industry 4.0”, funded by Erasmus + Program, are proud to present the results of our work intended for all stakeholder, interested to increase their knowledge and adapt their skills to the challenges of Industry 4.0.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, as a trend towards automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, requires transformation in various basic technologies, processes and organizational changes. This framework serves largely as a guideline for companies and their work teams in their quest to become part of Industry 4.0 with the right technologies and the right skills.

We are the team of the project with the mission is to inform about successful examples how to accomplish the transition of labour-intensive work to knowledge-intensive work in industrial environment.

Our goal is to present to the stakeholders as VET and adult education trainers, human recourse management, labour market policy experts, industry workers, students and job seekers how other organizations have implemented new policies, initiatives, methods, programs and projects to achieve the necessary skills transformation in their work teams.

We worked two years on the topic and now, our project work is at the end. In this regard, we are proud to announce our achievement.

Good practices collection. More than 60 good practices are collected as use cases and successful approaches implementation of vocational training according to the needs of Industry 4.0. Our focus is on people and their skills such as transversal competencies, present a lot of technology use cases that illustrate the changes taking place at the company level and the resulting benefits for both organizations and employees. In addition, three types of technologies are described as examples: enabling technologies, process-enhancing technologies, and organizational-enhancing technologies.

Catalogue “Industry 4.0 Skills and Competencies”. Valuable information along with all good practices are presented in a special catalogue which can be downloaded free from any point of the world. Link

Database. All good practices can be searched and downloaded separately from our specially created e-platform, position on our website. The database is publicly available here:

Forum. We have created a Facebook page and group as a forum for discussions and various topics. There, we promote different materials, educational videos, articles that present opportunities and obstacles Industry 4.0 brings to businesses and employees.

Our Facebook group: .

Our Facebook page:

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